One Nation WA Party will restore and uphold the Australian Constitution


WA emerged as a political party because of the collective power of Australians seeking positive change which will deliver fairness and equality for all Australians.

We must recognise the truth and no longer allow ourselves to be imperiled by governments whose sole objective is “re-election at any price” (to stay in power at any price), not for our benefit, but for their own.

It will take years to rebuild Australian industry, society and our way of life, but only days for positive change to be effective.

ONE NATION in WA will take a step forward each day in rebuilding and restoring farming, business, jobs, living standards, family values and the long term strength of all things that will ensure prosperity and security.

ONE NATION in WA wants what is best for all Australians and not what is best for a few. To this end we are working with The Australia First Party and other like minded groups.

One Nation in WA is far from the SINGLE ISSUE PARTY the media,
Labor and the Liberals
would have you believe.


The Australian Constitution, the very cornerstone of our society, has been and is still being manipulated. Australians are being deceived about their rights.

The established political parties discourage public understanding of our constitutional powers so that they can implement their agendas and control the people.

In a Democracy, it is the people who have the final say on political decisions.

The people need a voice-—-we want to give it to them.

We are advocating Citizen Initiated Referenda.

The authority, through Common Law, belongs to the people.

Australia also must conduct its National Affairs free of external interference.

We need to be in control of our money supply. To prosper means that Australia creates its own money, not the international bankers.  It is the people who must reap the benefits.

One Nation intends to extract Australia from the Australia Act 1986, The Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission and many United Nations Agreements.

These instrumentalities remove our sovereignty and our rights.

Australia’s own laws on equality in our society and the protection of all its citizens must prevail.

One Nation Western Australia's Policies
comprise a "living" document which
means constant review as new
issues arise.

Law and Justice

Family Law
Education and Training
Government and Parliament – International Treaties and Citizens Initiated Referenda (CIR)
Primary Industry & Rural Development
Defence and Security
Sustainable Population
Social Security
Gambling Machines
Voting System
Australia Post
Workers Compensation


The recent global financial collapse came about for a number of reasons but one reason was the easy access to credit by people who were not in a position to take on such high levels of debt.

In Australia the prevalence to store credit means that Australians where able to purchase above their incomes. Many larger retailers offer buy now pay later schemes which can see customers take on debt that can be devastating. Full Story HERE


With a Labor government that refuses to consider establishing a peoples bank as part of an overhaul of the Australian banking industry, and the Liberal party claiming that a government run bank would only result in trouble, it is time Australians asked why the major political parties are so scared of a peoples bank.

It could be that if Australia had a peoples bank, other banks, particularly the big four as they are known, would have some real competition? But don't the major parties demand that Australian business and the Australian workforce become more competitive in these trying economic times.
Full Story HERE

One Nation WA would like to thank you for the opportunity to make a submission regarding the Review of the genetically Modified Crops Free Area Act 2003

One Nation has a “No Genetically Modified Organism (GMO)” policy.


Governments, both state and federal make sweeping statements about their environmental policies. Usually to grab the headlines to pretend they care about the environment we all have to live in.

The trouble is the grandiose policies of the major parties and the so called environmental party, The Greens, amount to little more than increased taxes for the consumers and increased profits for multinational companies.  Full Story HERE
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