E-newsletter 30th August 2010

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Reminder - The Annual General Meeting
12.30pm Saturday September 25th 2010
Uniting Church Hall,
Cnr Star & Archer Streets,

General Meeting Saturday August 28th, 2010.

State Secretary Norman Bradshaw announced his intention not to seek re-election at the coming AGM.  This will mean a well earned rest for Norman and our thanks go to him for all his past work.

1st Vice President Craig Bradshaw also announced his intention to not seek re-election to any of his present positions. We also thank Craig for all of his work and support and wish him every success with his future studies. 

George Gault, State President of One Nation WA, will seek re-election and Lyn Vickery will nominate for State Vice President. All nominations should be in the hands of the returning officer by close of business on 11th September 2010 - see Contacts Page

Enquiries about nominations or proxy votes can be made to the Returning Officer or The State President.  All present members of One Nation are urged to attend the AGM.

For more details about the AGM or any questions please call: 08 9306 2221.

George Gault addressed the meeting on his vision for One Nation WA and spoke on the subject of a "Small and Sustainable Australia".

Lyn Vickery
was Guest speaker and presented a comprehensive draft planning document and roadmap for One Nation WA going forward.


At the July General Meeting guest speaker and member John Murphy delivered a thought provoking talk on migration into Australia, past and  present, and outlined sharp differences that if not addressed quickly will change the nation forever.


The potential of a hung parliament in Australia, following yesterday's  election, has raised questions about the constitutional situation.

The final decision of how many seats each party has will probably not be known for some days but, once all results are in, if it is found that no one party has a clear majority, negotiations will commence with the Green and independent members to enlist their support.

The Governor-General is vested with constitutional powers to commission a person to form a government but, by convention, these are never used in an arbitrary sense.

The duty of the Governor-General is to commission the leader of the party which can prove it has sufficient support in the lower house of the parliament to survive a vote of no confidence. Until then, the incumbent government continues in caretaker mode.

If, in the future, those independents who had pledged support, decide to withdraw and support the other party, then the Governor-General will, upon being certain that the other party would survive a vote in the House of Representatives, commission the leader of that party to form a government.  If the situation is likely to continue to be unstable, then the
Governor-General will seek a consensus on holding an election.

The number of electoral votes gained by any one party is, in a constitutional sense, immaterial - although it may influence the non-aligned members. It is all about votes of elected members in the House of Representatives.

The whole process is based on providing the country with the most stable government possible.

Courtesy Philip Benwell (Aust Monarchists League)

"If you live in one of our big cities, you know what it's like to be stuck in peak hour traffic or to waste your lunchtime standing in a queue or to be sardined into a bus.

And have you tried to catch a taxi lately! All those people trying to do things and get places — its miserable, isnt it!

Well, consider these the good times.

In the next 40 years, Australia's population could reach as high as 40 million. Just try finding a parking spot then!"

Sixty Minutes Story - Charles Wooley interview Kate McCulloch and Dick Smith.

DICK SMITH: "I'm a free-range kid from Dudley Avenue. Free-range kids, we live in a house with a backyard, battery kids in high-rise."

See Video  and full transcript HERE

Geert Wilders Doesn’t Mince His Words Down Under

Never to be one to mince his words, Dutch Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders reiterated some of his anti-Islamic sentiments in an interview on Australian television at the weekend. 

De Volkskrant writes that in the programme SBS Dateline, he called Islam “backward” and said “If it is true, I don’t care if people are insulted.

He also says he wants a ban on the building of mosques and the closure of Islamic schools and a stop to immigration of people from countries which are more than 50 percent Islamic, regardless of their religion.
Story HERE

Geert Wilders Speech
to the House of Lords

Friday, March 5,2010. (AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth). Please read the speech Wilders made today. It is one for the ages.
Link - HERE


Mega Mosque Planned for Ground Zero
Islamic Insult planned for New York

The Frankfurt School
Original Intent.

"There is nothing so dangerous, or so uncertain as to outcome, as when one lends a hand in the introduction of a new order of things." - Machiavelli paraphrased from The Prince.

Electoral Information Update

"If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."  - Samuel Adams, 1776

“Remember democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” - John Adams

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