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Reminder - The Annual General Meeting

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Collision Course – The Greens “Dreaming” meets the Real World

The Greens are rapidly discovering that the lies and campus level half truths they recently peddled to hoodwink the naïve amongst the Australian voting public, and thereby slither into power, don’t stand up very well under the light of real world scrutiny. Now that the full glare of both the media and the business world is upon them, they are being seen for exactly what they are – not a cute furry little animal, but a shady political house of cards all tarted up and puffed into a quasi religion for one reason, to attract votes.

Under real world analysis the cute furry little animal’s cloak falls away and more and more we see the hideous and clearly disastrous economy wrecking, job destroying, creature within.  At its heart the impractical muddle headed and emotional ideology of the Greens is exposed for all to see. Read full story HERE.

Asylum Seekers Skip away with $5 Million Dollars of your Money.

A brand new industry has just been born to bleed the Australian taxpayer dry. Thank you Julia!
Story from Sunday Times  19th September 2010

"MORE than 50 asylum seekers have
won compensation claims against the Federal Government — each averaging $100,000 for injuries sustained in detention in the past two years.

The claims, totalling $5.4 million,
are for injuries or wrongful detention and come as the overflowing Christmas Island detention facility is trying to cope with outbreaks of diseases such as typhoid and tuberculosis.

The Federal Government an
nounced on Friday it had been forced to spend a further $50 million on increasing the capacity of mainland detention facilities to cope with more than 5000 asylum seekers now in detention after the arrival of two
more boats.

The compensation bill is likely to blow out because the claims paid out in the past two years relate to asylum seekers in detention prior to August 2007, when numbers were a fraction of those now.

Concem about disease has forced
navy boarding parties to carry face masks for boat people and isolate anyone showing signs of sickness.  After two disease-free years, last financial year Christmas Island had 20 cases of tuberculosis and one case of typhoid.

The figures are revealed in answers to questions put by the Opposition and thg.Greens in the Senate." Full Story HERE

WA growers claim Harvey Fresh no longer wants their oranges

HARVEY Fresh has put the squeeze on WA orange growers, telling them it will no longer buy locally grown navel oranges for its range of juices.

As picking continued this week, growers said about 400 tonnes of navel oranges that would have gone to the Harvey Fresh juicing factory in the South-West this season would be left to rot or be used as animal feed.

While Harvey Fresh swamps WA with TV advertisements urging shoppers to "buy local", citrus growers have accused the company of turning its back on local farmers and importing cheap fruit concentrate from Brazil and the US.

Full PDF HERE Full Story HERE

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Statement on the Proposed “Cordoba House” Mosque near Ground Zero
Newt Gingrich - July 21, 2010 6pm

There should be no mosque near Ground Zero in New York so long as there are no churches or synagogues in Saudi Arabia. The time for double standards that allow Islamists to behave aggressively toward us while they demand our weakness and submission is over.

The proposed "Cordoba House" overlooking the World Trade Center site – where a group of jihadists killed over 3000 Americans and destroyed one of our most famous landmarks - is a test of the timidity, passivity and historic ignorance of American elites. For example, most of them don’t understand that “Cordoba House” is a deliberately insulting term. It refers to Cordoba , Spain – the capital of Muslim conquerors who symbolized their victory over the Christian Spaniards by transforming a church there into the world’s third-largest mosque complex.

Today, some of the Mosque’s backers insist this term is being used to "symbolize interfaith cooperation" when, in fact, every Islamist in the world recognizes Cordoba as a symbol of Islamic conquest. It is a sign of their contempt for Americans and their confidence in our historic ignorance that they would deliberately insult us this way. Those Islamists and their apologists who argue for "religious toleration" are arrogantly dishonest. They ignore the fact that more than 100 mosques already exist in New York City . Meanwhile, there are no churches or synagogues in all of Saudi Arabia . In fact no Christian or Jew can even enter Mecca .  And they lecture us about tolerance.

If the people behind the Cordoba House were serious about religious toleration, they would be imploring the Saudis, as fellow Muslims, to immediately open up Mecca to all and immediately announce their intention to allow non-Muslim houses of worship in the Kingdom. They should be asked by the news media if they would be willing to lead such a campaign.

We have not been able to rebuild the World Trade Center in nine years. Now we are being told a 13 story, $100 million megamosque will be built within a year overlooking the site of the most devastating surprise attack in American history.

Finally where is the money coming from? The people behind the Cordoba House refuse to reveal all their funding sources.

America is experiencing an Islamist cultural-political offensive designed to undermine and destroy our civilization. Sadly, too many of our elites are the willing apologists for those who would destroy them if they could.

No mosque. No self deception. No surrender.  The time to take a stand is now - at this site and on this issue.

New Book Plunges Germany into Immigration Debate

'Injurious, Defamatory and Polemical' according to Der Spiegel
26 August 2010 MARCO-URBAN.DE

Thilo Sarrazin has done it again.

Are Muslim immigrants a drag on German prosperity? A new book by provocateur Thilo Sarrazin, a board member of the German central bank, argues that they are. His over-the-top comments have triggered yet another debate on immigration in the country.

Thilo Sarrazin has never been one to mince words. The German central bank board member and former senior city official in Berlin has long been a strident critic of German immigration policies, even going so far as to say in an interview last autumn that immigrants sponge off the state, are incapable of integrating themselves into German society and "constantly produce little girls in headscarves."

In the interview, which appeared in the cultural magazine Lettre International, he also said that "a large number of Arabs and Turks in (Berlin) ... have no productive function other than in the fruit and vegetable trade." In the same interview, he claimed that the Turks were "conquering Germany ... through a higher birthrate."

This week, though, the Social Democrat (SPD) seems to have outdone himself. German media outlets, including SPIEGEL, have published excerpts of his soon-to-be-published book on Germany's supposed demise. As Sarrazin makes abundantly clear, that demise comes as a result of immigration. The bluntness with which he presents his ideas has kicked off a debate in Germany, and within the center-left SPD, as to whether Sarrazin has crossed the line into racism and whether he should be censured.

In the excerpts that have been published, Sarrazin writes that Germany's Muslim immigrant families have profited from social welfare payments to a far greater degree than they have contributed to German prosperity. He also has raised the spectre of the country's Muslim population, due to what he claims are much higher birth rates among immigrants, soon overtaking that of the country's "autochthonous" population -- a term roughly synonymous with "indigenous."  Link  HERE

Economist urges free trade

Economist Edward Luttwak joins Lateline Business to discuss the future of Australia's consumption reliant economy given the rise of China.

Read full transcript of ABC Business Line Interview Here

Greenpeace Safe Food Guide


A Carbon Tax for Everyone Else?

The Carbon Sense Coalition today accused BHP of poor science and poor fiscal policy in advocating a carbon tax for everyone else.

The Chairman of “Carbon Sense”, Mr Viv Forbes, said that a carbon tax would have no beneficial effect on the climate but very negative effects on every Australian except the Big Australian.  

Forbes explained: “Is it sad to see the Big Australian joining Big Government, Big Unions and Big Business in supporting a Big New Carbon Tax.

“The whole purpose of a carbon tax is to force us to use less of every product or activity that produces that harmless gas-of-life, carbon dioxide. The big producers are electricity, steel and other metals, petrol, diesel, cement, timber, beef, lamb, dairy, wool, travel and tourism.

“A carbon tax is thus a tax on the cycle of life and the essentials of life. It aims to create artificial scarcity in all of these. Which ones does Mr Kloppers plan to do without?

“He says we can make this tax “revenue neutral”. The Soviets ran a revenue neutral fiscal policy for decades – “they take 100% of your income and spend it all”. If it were truly revenue neutral it should go back, exactly, to those who bear the cost, with no bureaucratic handling charges and no diversions to your favourite green charity. This would be a zero sum game so why do it?

“Of course BHP’s massive Australian mining exports will be exempt, and its big operations in Africa and South America will never face a carbon tax. And nuclear power will get a gigantic boost from a heavy handicap on coal power. Guess who owns the biggest uranium mine in the world?

“This is just a destructive proposal by the Big Australian to levy a Big Tax on all other Australians.”

Authorised by: Mr Viv Forbes - Chairman, The Carbon Sense Coalition  www.carbon-sense.com

Tues 28th August 2010

"Well this election hasn't taught us a lot.  The most disturbing thing to me is a party called THE GREENS!

They believe in a 50% super profits tax from mining. They believe in less tax from the GST and more from income tax.  They want the top income tax rate raised from 45 to 50%.  They want the company tax to go from 30 to 33%.  They want an extra two billion mining tax ... if we've got the highest mining taxes in the world investment will go somewhere else. 

They want unions to receive extra rights of entry to recruit members.

They want a new marginal tax rate on people earning one million dollars or more.

They want a transition from coal exports, which means means ending a trade which earns 55  billion dollars a year.  They want to end the mining an export of uranium. Julia Gillard wants to (has) form a coalition with these people.

They quote 'Oppose the development of new coal fired power stations'.  That would hit existing power stations of course. They would hit them with a tax and that would make electricity too expensive for anyone.  God only knows how many businesses will go broke!  And how many hundreds of thousands of jobs will be lost.

They want an extra weeks holiday for everyone. How that would be paid for from an economy that is so ravaged no one knows.  They want to lift foreign aid to .7 of a percent by 2010, that's this year!  That's an immediate hand out of 4 billion dollars. One writer said to me 'We'll end up a smoking hole in the ground.' 

Any asylum seeker making it here by boat would be freed into the community within 14 days.  So, ... "Hotel Australia" to the world is open for business.

They would bring back death duties .... 

It's time for Australia to wake up!  Listen to the full radio segment HERE

150,000 viewings and growing!       

Merchandise Ideas Wanted

We are currently  designing merchandise  to be included in the range for the One Nation WA online shop. 

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Hugh Jackman - World Vision Ambassador

World Vision has the right idea - help people in their own homelands and cultures, don't uproot them and bring them here!
Click HERE for link.

Dr Judy Carman asks” Is our food safe to eat?”

See the attachment advertising a seminar in October, where Dr Judy Carman will be one of the speakers, and will talk about food safety.

‘Dr. Judy Carmen, a key note speaker. is a world renowned epidemiologist from South Australia.

Dr Carmen has been conducting experiments on feeding GM food to animals funded by a small grant from the previous Labor government Minister of Agriculture, Kim Chance. You will be given the most up-to-date information of the safety of GM food from her results so far’.  Seminar Details HERE


The Voice of the Australian Flag
A ten minute video clip voiced by Larry Hannigan. A must see clip for all Australians that tells why our flag must never change, or be exchanged for another less worthy.

The Frankfurt School
Original Intent.

"When I put my ear against the ground, I can hear a great rumbling of angry, discontented voices. They are the cheated, the swindled, the bamboozled...They will have their revenge. "  Unknown.

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