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George Gault - State President One Nation, Western Australia.

The next State General Meeting

1.00 pm. Saturday 31st July 2010.  Uniting Church Hall,  Cnr Star & Archer Streets,

Western Australian President Nominates for Seat Of Moore.

Voters in the electorate of Moore now have a real chance to make a difference on a wide range of issues vital to the future of Australia.

George Gault will be a great asset to Western Australians as he brings a wealth of experience to the task at hand.

Let's rally around George as his campaign unfolds.

If you have skills that may help put George into Office we'd love to hear from you as soon as possible

Read George's full background HERE

One Nation Supports Clean Energy

Laser fusion test results raise energy hopes.

This is what real scientists, as opposed to day dreaming Greenies and the likes of Al Gore, can offer the world ... REAL SOLUTIONS!

Electoral Information Update
Craig Bradshaw Nominates
 for The WA Senate

Favorite saying:  “Mass immigration and demographics is destiny!”

– Geert Wilders. Speech at the House of Lords

While Immigration does loom large, we are far from a “single issue” party and other topics are covered in more detail on the Policy Pages of our website as well as in various hard copy documents available directly from One Nation.

It is true that, if not halted immediately, the seemingly ever increasing number of legal and illegal immigrants is set to change the “Status Quo” of Australia beyond all recognition. The result to our existing environment, quality of life, customs, values, laws and present day population balance - indeed our civilisation will soon be catastrophic and irreversible! Time has already been wasted, the hour is late!

Find out more abouts Craig's background: HERE


The Sussex St. union thugs, who have proven they have little regard for Australia , will sell us  anything, so long as they can con the gullible voter and win another victory in order to continue WRECKING AUSTRALIA and treating us like second class citizens.

Higher taxes


•  An ETS

•  More rorts and stuff-ups, i.e…

•  The insulation disaster and Julia’s own debacle the BER

•  "She can execute a prime minister but she can't
     execute a government program,

Julia will put on her make-up, do her eyes, get her boyfriend to fix her hair and get out there to the cameras. She will talk, and talk, and promise, and talk: but be assured of one thing - She’s not going to be tested on anything! The same leftist media and political commentators who promoted Rudd and gave him an armchair ride, will do exactly the same for Julia Gillard. While she is still on her political honeymoon, she will go to an election Untested!! Well, we all know the rest because we’ve all been there before…She’s exactly the same person who signed off on all Rudd’s policies and schemes for nearly four years… with the very same Wayne Swan!

Despite inheriting a $20 billion surplus, zero net debt and $60 billion in the Future Fund, Labor is delivering:

$78.5 billion of net debt in 2010-11 – $3,500 per person

$4.6 billion of interest paid on net debt in 2010-11 - $205 for every Australian (and it will get

A Budget deficit of $40.8 billion in 2010-11 (the biggest deficit since World War II)

To fund its reckless and wasteful spending, Labor needs to borrow more than $100 million
   every day!!

Be very, very cautious of this new PM. To understand her agenda and modus operandi, you need to know her background, her enduring commitment to the Fabian movement, and her lifelong passion for Socialism. Go study the history, the background, of this person. Go read about what Fabianism is, how it performs and behaves. Beware of anything she and her band of cronies have to say. The PM’s orders come from two sources - Trades Hall, and the Fabian Society.

She will tell the swinging voters precisely what it is they want to hear so they’ll vote for her. Then, over the months and years that follow, we’ll slowly start to discover (because the Leftist press will do its utmost to keep a lid on things) that the government is doing something else entirely.


After the election it’ll be back to 'normal' for Labor should they win another gig.

"Whatever it takes": Graham Richardson

"When we get in we’ll change everything": Peter Garrett.

Labor has put fresh icing on a mouldy cake, but it will not camouflage the taste"

Same trough - different pig; just that this one wears lipstick!

Story: From around the net.

A Call to All Patriots to help
stop the destruction of Australia

And how can man die better  Than facing fearful odds,  For the ashes of his fathers,  And the temples of his gods,…" Lays of Ancient Rome  - Horatius.

How Indeed?  The very foundations of OUR Australia are shaking under the weight of a flood of foreigners.

Once the problem was just Asia, now they flood in from every nation and failed society on earth.

An entire industry of graft and corruption has grown up as more and more of these people drain the vitals of Australia - a silent cancer growing within.

Leaky boats are just a small part of this invasion - a media diversion. Stand at any international airport entry gate at any time day or night when overseas flights arrive and you will see the appalling flood at its full tide.

Hundreds target Australia as a paradise to be pillaged through our generous health and social security systems and lax tracking of foreigners within our borders. Even more slide in on temporary work visas or as "students" - many have the sole aim of dodging or exploiting the system and staying.

How will One Nation attack these problems?  More HERE

"It's the patriots who first hear the call..."

Charleton Heston - "From my cold dead hands!"

Will Labor raise the GST?

Julia Gillard's knifing of Kevin Rudd shows without doubt that Labor will do anything to retain power in Canberra.

As much as we abhorred Rudd's policies, we can have sympathy with the way he was treated and then that compounded by being refused inclusion on the front bench.

Again, Labor shows a complete lack of loyalty toward their own.  So how much loyalty do you think they have for the public, for those who voted them in?

Only the PARTY reigns supreme with Labor's power brokers, and obviously Gillard.

Now watch for her announcement of a rise in GST to replace Rudd's other failed tax increases!

UK VAT 17.5% EU VAT 17%  Greece VAT 23%

How long will Julia Gillard resist?

One Nation Supports Clean Energy

Laser fusion test results raise energy hopes.

This is what real scientists, as opposed to day dreaming Greenies and the likes of Al Gore, can offer the world ... REAL SOLUTIONS!

Electoral Information Update

Bring Our Troops Home
A Letter to One Nation

Bring the troop’s home and let the Afghans and Iraq's sought their mess out themselves. Stop being the lapdog to the U.S.A,. Let them implode themselves under the socialism of Barak Obama.

We Australians should be very concerned with the threat which will come from our north, not the security of nations we have nothing in common or require to deal with. 

Full Letter HERE

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