E-newsletter 11th August 2010

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George Gault draws NUMBER ONE slot
for Seat of Moore contest
Experienced One Nation campaigner and respected local Joondalup identity George Gault will enter the election battle at the top of the ticket for Moore. 

George faces a tired Liberal incumbent Dr Mal Washer, who is an ardent supporter of bringing in more refugees

Peculiar to this seat is the very young ages of both the Labor candidate, age 22, and the Greens candidate at only 18! 

While we do produce some very bright children, many voters will no doubt look at these two with great suspicion.

Here, in George's own words, are some comments about campaign issues:

"Firstly let me say that I am running for One Nation WA for one main reason - WE CARE!

Liberal Candidate Dr Mal Washer would disadvantage Aussie families by cutting the baby bonus and restricting the family supplement, but at the same time proposes increasing our refugee in take from 13,750 to 20,000! (Community News Article - Population Reform Forum)  According to the story, he even called Peter Costello a “lousy social engineer” for trying to save Australians from a flood of foreign invaders by introducing the baby bonus.

If you vote Liberal, Washer (1), he’ll also be fighting to eliminate the fringe benefits tax on company cars and push to buy inferior “off the shelf” defence equipment so he can put more money into the foreign aid black hole!

Aussie Mum’s, your children are quietly being pushed to the back of Julia Gillard's politically correct racial queue! Hundreds of millions of dollars of tax payer funded resources that should be spent on your kids are going into scores of Government programs for minorities, immigrants, and foreigners.

The poison of Political Correctness is killing free speech and the expression of valid opinions, while Multiculturalism divides our children into different coloured tribes and real Aussie kids face discrimination on a daily basis.   FULL STORY HERE

Read George's full background HERE
AEC Candidate information for Seat of Moore - HERE

Craig Bradshaw Runs  for The Senate in WA
Getting Australia Back on Track!

I see a future in which Australia is more than a mine or a farm. A country that has respect for every citizen who does their own job well, no matter what that job is.  All work should be equally respected.

I see a parliament making decisions that are to the benefit of all Australians. Not one that is held to ransom by internationalism in the form of the Looney left and greedy capitalism.  A country that holds our pioneers in the highest of respect.  A place where contentment is not based on material possessions, but on the knowledge we are safe from outside interference and secure in a belief in our own ability to achieve in whatever areas of development we choose.

I see a people who value the traditions that have served all good civilizations, allowing us to live together as a strong thriving community.

A country that values and respects senior citizens and cares for them when they need our help, even as they supported us when we where young and vulnerable.
A country with a strong independent predominately Anglo-European culture, not the polyglot that historically is the mark of failing multicultural societies.
A self reliant country that takes our natural resources and produces useful, sustained and sustainable economic growth.  A country that is not caught up in a fraudulent world financial system that enslaves people in a cradle to grave web of interest and debt.
A country that can enjoy the glory of it's natural and man made beauty.  See Craig's Bio HERE
AEC Candidate information for Senate - HERE

The next State General Meeting

1.00 pm. Saturday 28th August 2010
Uniting Church Hall,  Cnr Star & Archer Streets,  Carlisle

The Annual General Meeting
Saturday September 25th

Snow White went to the mines to bring lunch for the seven dwarfs. 

When she got there, a cave in had occurred and she was terrified that all the dwarfs had been buried. 

Then she heard it...."vote for Julia, vote for Julia".

"Oh," exclaimed Snow White, "Dopey has survived!"


Mega Mosque Planned for Ground Zero
Islamic Insult planned for New York

The Frankfurt School
Original Intent.

"The consent of the people is the sole basis of a government's authority”  - Rousseau 1762

Electoral Information Update


A Media Release from the Australian Society of Opthalmologists - Tuesday 3 August 2010


Less than 25 ophthalmologists in Australia are currently specialising in treatment of children with vision impairment – a dwindling number that will continue to decline, the Australian Society of Ophthalmologists (ASO) warned today.

The situation is particularly critical in NSW, Victoria and Queensland. In Queensland, at present just two eye surgeons exclusively treat paediatric cases.

The reason, according to the ASO, is a matter of simple economics. Paediatric ophthalmology consultation rebates do not cover the cost of practice overheads.

With the Federal Election campaign in full swing, the ASO is calling on both sides of politics to give this neglected area of medicine the attention it deserves.

ASO President Dr Bradley Horsburgh said thousands of Australian children were missing out on vision correcting treatment because of inadequate management of our health system.

“The basis of Medicare is the provision of fair and equitable health care and yet the system operates with huge imbalances like this, where the rebates for paediatric eye cases in comparison with adult eye cases won’t even cover the cost of consultations, let alone surgery,” Dr Horsburgh said.

Paediatric consultations take longer and are often very complex.

“An election commitment from both parties to redress this gaping imbalance is a must,” Dr Horsburgh said.

Ophthalmic surgeon Dr Denis Stark sees hundreds of Queensland children with vision impairment each year. Dr Stark performs vision correcting surgery on many of these children.

Dr Stark is a senior ophthalmologist and one of just two eye surgeons in Queensland who operate predominantly on children. He plans to retire in a few short years.

“I am concerned about the future,” Dr Stark said.

 “I have watched as the number of doctors choosing to work in this field has declined and it is hard to blame them for making the choice. It is slow and difficult but methodical and generally an under recognised area of medicine,” he said.

 “By neglecting to give patients valuable rebates for these cases the Government is hurting our children and our future as a nation – these children make up a substantial portion of our future workforce,” he says.

“We must re-establish senior consultation positions in each state and territory’s major public hospital. We must rebuild paediatric ophthalmology”,” Dr Stark said.

ENDS. Contact: ASO President Dr Bradley Horsburgh on 0417 790 313

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