Third World Immigration Invasion Nightmare Swamps Paris Parade

Fri, 01/10/2010 - 16:04 | BNP News

The full extent of the Third World immigration invasion of Europe and its social and criminal effect was laid bare last week in Paris when gangs of hundreds of blacks and North Africans tore through a crowd in the Place de Bastille attending the annual Techno Parade.

The annual event, which consists of musical floats and events, has been relatively peaceful up until this year, reports our French correspondent.

“But on 25 September it was very different,” he wrote.

“French people were out enjoying themselves on the historic square when it was noticed that large gangs of blacks and North Africans had started to congregate,” he continued.

“Then without warning, they started to attack white people at random, assaulting and robbing almost at will.

“It was very noticeable that all the attackers were black or North African, and the victims were all white,” he continued.

The attacks carried on sporadically for several hours, leaving dozens injured and many requiring hospitalisation.

“France is paying dearly for allowing mass Third World immigration,” our correspondent said.

“The French establishment is as poltically correct as the British, and even the police issued a formal statement saying that there had been no incidents of note, despite the attacks having been captured on video and posted on the Internet for all to see.

"This is the future which awaits all of Europe unless nationalists act now to save their nations," he concluded. See You Tube HERE


Story from

The Board of Taxation will undertake a comprehensive review of Australia's tax laws to ensure that they do not conflict with Islamic finance services, hoping to ensure Australian businesses a stake in the lucrative Islamic finance market, according to Labor Senator Nick Sherry.

Moody's Investor Services values the rapidly growing market at almost $1 trillion and says it could soon reach as much as $5 trillion.

"I have directed the Board of Taxation to undertake a comprehensive review of Australia's tax laws to ensure that, wherever possible, they do not inhibit the expansion of Islamic finance, banking and insurance products," Senator Sherry said.

Speaking in Qatar to the Qatar chamber of commerce and industry, Senator Sherry said that Australia's decision means it will be among the first OECD countries to conduct a review of this type.

"Islamic finance is a rapidly growing part of the global financial system and Australia is in an excellent position capitalise on that growth, but we have to ensure our tax system doesn't unnecessarily prevent that from happening," Senator Sherry said.

The senator said the review was not about special treatment or concessions for Islamic finance or its providers, but about ensuring the system does not unfairly disadvantage or preclude such instruments.

"This will have a dual advantage – of course, if Australia's tax system continues down the path of accommodating this type of finance it will serve Australia in terms of capital attraction, jobs and growth," he said. Link HERE

Getting Ready for the UN Takeover


UN NWO instructed our Government to suspend our Constitution to allow their International NWO UN Laws to be enacted and Treaties/Declarations to be implemented, which could only be done when our Australian Constitution “Terms of Allegiance clauses were erased OR not active.”

"The NWO are the World Banking Cartel who own all 'Reserve Banks". They control the world economy, they have the 'rights' to print the money for all Countries under the UN, and consequently they make trillions of dollars in 'Fractional Reserve Lending' and they dictate the price of Gold, making huge profits from the 'highs' and 'lows' "  Full Story HERE

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