Do You Believe in a Party Representing the People?
If you believe in Freedom of Speech, Government by the people for the People, the Australian Constitution, Australian Sovereignty and ...
If you believe the sale of Australian real estate and rural land to foreigners should cease.

If you want genuine Financial, Banking and Tax reviews.
If you are fed up with foreigners ripping off the Australian health system and the Centerlink safety net.
If you want the rules for Australian Citizenship tightened and new citizens who join terrorist wars to fight overseas ejected with
       zero chance of re-entry.
If you want to end the privatisation of Australian Essential Services and make state and federal Governments face up to
       their responsibilities.

If you believe in the removal of world Parity Pricing and Excise Taxes from locally produced liquid fuels.
If you believe in an Education Syllabus with emphasis on respect, responsibility, discipline, the quest for excellence, basic values
        and morality with the curtailment of political correctness and capable of teaching the 3 Rís well and much more.

Then you believe in ONE Nation WA and the Australia First Party.

ONE Nation (Western Australia), as a political party, emerged through the collective power of Western Australians seeking positive change with which to deliver fairness and equality for all Australians.  We are not connected to Pauline Hanson's One Nation - a Queensland controlled party.

Recently the Australia First Party (an AEC registered) political party joined forces with One Nation WA to allow the endorsement of candidates in the 2016 Federal Election (previously denied by One Nation QLD's former head office) and to further increase the influence of voters who believe in the sovereignty of Australia as a nation state. The policies of One Nation WA and the Australia First Party are almost identical.

It will take years to rebuild Australian industry, society and our Aussie way of life, but only one election for positive change to begin to take effect.

We take a step forward each day in rebuilding and restoring farming, business, jobs, living standards, family values and the long term strength of all things that will ensure prosperity and security.

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